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Are you a small business owner that gets a bit overwhelmed when it comes to marketing?

Do you want to take your marketing efforts up a notch to start attracting your ideal clients in droves?

Looking for some help without the pushy sales pitch?

Yes? Then congrats! Kickass Marketing is what you’ve been searching for!


Marketing Services we offer

You want your brand to ‘sing’ to your ideal customer and highlight you as the expert you are.

These Kickass Marketing services are specially designed to create messaging that your potential clients can’t ignore.

Marketing Strategy

Content Strategy

Marketing Automation

Website Design

Don’t take my word for it..

Here’s what Kickass Marketing clients are saying:

“Having no idea where to begin marketing wise to move my NLP practitioner coaching business forward, I contacted Toni from Kickass Marketing.

The combination of Toni being a marketing specialist and a Master NLP practitioner herself, the advice she gave me was invaluable. It would have been so much harder to explain to someone else in marketing what I was trying to achieve without the NLP background!”

Lisa O'Donoghue

The Thought Edit

I use Toni from Kickass Marketing for all my copywriting for my business.

She is great to work with and always nails it!

I highly recommend her services!

Lisa Davis

Graphic Designer, Wildly Creative

My strategy session with Toni was seriously one of the best sessions I’ve ever had. Toni really knows how to ask the right questions to get to the heart of what you do and why you do it. I am so much clearer on where my business is going now, after our session and her insight is spot on. I would thoroughly recommend having a chat with Toni regardless of where you at with your business. The clarity & direction you’ll get will be tremendous. You wont be disappointed.

Sandra Buckley

InSync Business Connections

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