Copywriting is the art of explaining complex ideas in a simple way. 

Well written copy will attract the right customers and clearly communicate your message.

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Not sure how to put your business into words?

Words aren’t everyone’s “thing”.  Fortunately for you, they are ours.

Sure, you could give it a go yourself but it may cost you more in the long run in the way of lost sales or wasted advertising.  Here are a couple of ways we can help…

Website Copywriting

You’ve just invested good money to get a beautiful new website built.  Save yourself the stress of creating the copy – you are busy enough!  We will come up with the right words to make your customers and Google bots happy.

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Standard 5 Page Website Copywriting

We will meet with you to determine your needs and get to know you and your business so we can ensure your website reflects you and draws in your ideal customers.






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Sales Copy

Need help wording brochures, flyers, banners or other sales materials?

Let us come up with some standardised copy you can use over and over again. 

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Pricing for these services will vary for each project.  

Contact us to arrange a no obligation quote for your specific requirements.

Why choose Kickass Marketing for your Copywriting?

We love words… reading them, saying them and WRITING them!

We have many years experience in sales and marketing.  Toni, our copywriter, is also a certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Coach/Practitioner.  This means we know the language that resonates with your potential customers to help win their trust.

Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us so we offer unlimited edits until finals are agreed upon.  That way you know how much it’s going to cost right from the start.

We are small business owners too – we know your struggles and want to make your life easier!

Who do we work with?

We are Cairns-based copywriters but we offer those services to any corner of the globe (provided it’s English copy you need).

The businesses we especially like to work with include:

* Business/Life Coaches

* Personal Trainers

* Yoga Instructors

* Travel & Tourism Operators

* Cafes/Restaurants/Bars/Venues

Of course if your business isn’t on the list, we are still happy to consider you.

Have a different copywriting job for us?

No problem.  We are happy to discuss your copywriting needs and come up with a custom proposal to suit your needs.


Never hired a copywriter before?

These Frequently Asked Questions may help…

Why do I need Copywriting?

Odds are, you are great at what you do. 

What you may not be great at is articulating what you do in a way that makes people want to spend money with you. 

A great copywriter can translate what you want to say in a clear, succinct way that appeals to your target market.  They will often do so with SEO in mind which can improve your google rankings.

How does pricing work for Copywriting?

Every copywriter will have their own process for working out pricing.

At Kickass Marketing, we prefer to quote per job.  That way, you know up front how much your copy will cost and what is included rather than paying by the hour and costs getting out of hand.  For smaller jobs we are happy to discuss hourly rates instead.

Will you work with my Web Developer/Designer?

Absolutely.  We love working with Web Developers and Designers.  They all work slightly differently so we find it is easier to communicate directly with them wherever possible.

How will you know what to say about my business?

With every client we like to take a little time to make sure we understand your business.  Knowing all about your unique selling points, target market, services offered, keywords etc helps us to ensure your copy is written in the best possible way for your business.

Can you just edit something I've written?

Yes!  If you already have something you’ve put together but you just aren’t happy with it then we can edit that for you.

Do you offer technical writing?

No.  This is not our skill set however we can refer you to another business who excels in the this area so don’t be afraid to ask that question.

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