There are so many different types of marketing software out there these days that it can be really overwhelming and can add up in costs too.  So, what marketing software should you use in your business?

The truth is that there is no single one-size-fits-all answer to this.  I always chat with my clients to see what their needs are and make recommendations based on that.

One marketing software that I do find myself recommending almost exclusively these days is HighLevel.  This is because HighLevel is so well-rounded that it eliminates the need for multiple different marketing software programs making it much more affordable.

Here are some of the key features that you might be looking for:

Marketing Software with Email Automation

Imagine that a customer buys a product from you and automatically gets sent a thank you email.  Maybe they also get another email 2 weeks later to follow up and see how they are enjoying their product.  What if they then got an email in 3 months’ time reminding them to reorder that product or recommending a complementary product they may like.

This is just scratching the surface of what you can do with HighLevel and Email Automation.  And the best part?  No need to pay expensive monthly email marketing software subscriptions as you can integrate your own email address!

You can use preset templates or create your own templates with a drag and drop builder just like many of the other email marketing software options around.  This means your emails can be branded and include photos, videos, links, buttons etc making them look super professional.

Marketing Software with SMS Automation

People love to text these days and research shows that response rates can often be much higher to a SMS message rather than an email.  Of course, it depends on your target market but it’s definitely something to consider.

HighLevel integrates with Twilio which allows you to send automated SMS messages as part of campaigns and workflows.  What’s even better?  Customers can reply and start a conversation with you and you can manage it all within the HighLevel CRM!

SMS Automation is the only feature on HighLevel that you pay extra for but you do only pay for what you use.

Marketing Software for Social Media Scheduling

There are several different social media scheduling platforms around and the most popular ones go for at least AU$69 per month!


With HighLevel, you can schedule social media posts to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google My Business. Later this year, more platforms such as Twitter and Tik Tok are due to be added.

Just think how much time you’ll save by being able to post to all those platforms with just a few clicks!

I’m loving how easy it is to use for social media scheduling.  You can upload your own designs/photos/videos and choose which accounts you want to post to.  You can even schedule the posts for any specified time in the future (Meta Business Suite only allows 75 days)!

CRM – Customer Relationship Management Marketing Software

At the core of every good Marketing Software should be a CRM that allows you to track your interactions with each customer/client.  This allows you to create more automations, nurture your leads and wow your customers to create raving fans.

HighLevel allows you to integrate Facebook and Instagram including messenger so whenever someone DMs your business page, they are automatically added to your CRM and you can reply and manage messages from within HighLevel.

You can add custom tags which will allow you to segment your contacts for easy targeting and see all the activities, appointments, tasks, notes, campaigns, workflows and more in one place.  This is amazing for sales calls!

A pipeline highlighting opportunities, conversion and more is also very handy to see how your campaigns are performing and where you may be able to pick up the phone and win some more business.

If you already have a CRM system that is tailored for your industry, you may find that it can be integrated with HighLevel through an API.

Appointment Booking in your Marketing Software

How annoying are the back-and-forth emails working out a time that is suitable for you and your clients?  How much simpler would it be to just send them a link and they choose a time that works for them from your allotted time slots?

Forget paying an extra $30 a month for a calendar scheduling platform – HighLevel can do this for you and will integrate with your Google or Outlook Calendar.

HighLevel will allow you to set an in-person meeting place, phone call, Zoom or Google Meet call and the appointment is automatically added to your calendar and if it’s a zoom or google meet call, it will assign meeting links etc for you.

With automated workflows you can set up email/text confirmations or reminders saving you a load of time and avoiding no-shows!

Marketing Software for Course or Membership Creation

Creating an online course or membership site is a fantastic way to leverage your time, help more people and make some passive income.

Until HighLevel came along, you would have required multiple software programs to create the course, sell it, market it, and communicate with the members/students.

With the membership/course feature, you can create multiple product offerings with unlimited users and unlimited video hosting.  You can offer free or paid courses and you can customise with your own branding and imagery.

Custom Forms and Surveys

Nothing worse than having to use set form setups with limited form fields to choose from.  Your business is unique so you want forms and surveys that ask the questions specific to your business!

HighLevel’s forms and surveys can be fully customised to suit whatever information you want to record.  Allow your customers to easily tell you everything you need to know before you’ve even met them.  The forms and surveys allow you to add branding colours and logos and can be embedded into your website or landing pages.

Each form or survey submitted with create a new contact in the CRM or update details for an existing contact.  You can then use automated workflows to tag, add to campaigns, schedule appointments, email and more depending on the answers provided to your questions!

Why go with an external form provider that needs you to export the data in order to add it to your CRM when you can have it all happen in one place?

Funnel Building Marketing Software

Automated marketing and sales funnels can be extremely valuable to your business.  No need to pay more than $100 a month for specific funnel building software – you can do it all in HighLevel!

Setup your own landing pages with an easy to use drag and drop editor and your own custom forms and surveys.  Then use automation to start generating leads and making money while you sleep.

Integrated Payments with your Marketing Software

Of course when you are selling membership sites, products, services or online courses, you need to be able to take payment from your clients.

HighLevel integrates easily with Stripe and Shopify or you can add links to your existing payment system through links or buttons.

This makes it super easy for your clients/customers to pay you and cuts down the work you need to do!

Reputation Management with your Marketing Software

You know how important google and Facebook reviews are for your business but how much time do you spend chasing your clients/customers to leave you reviews?  Maybe you don’t and that means you don’t actually receive those reviews?

With HighLevel, you can automatically send your clients/customers a review request to their email or phone when you’ve completed an order or job for them.  You can even send them a reminder if they don’t do it straight away!

Imagine how much you could increase your credibility making it easier to convert new leads without having to chase up those reviews.

Marketing Software on the move

Do you want to be able to access your CRM, see your pipeline, look up contact details and make notes on a contact file while you are away from your desk?

HighLevel’s mobile app, LeadConnector allows you to do just that so you can do business while you are out and about and ensure that everything is recorded for you or your team to access later.

Invoicing with Marketing Software

Now you may already have invoicing software and that is totally fine, but if you are just getting started or only sell a few select products, you may want to use the HighLevel Invoicing feature.

It’s very simple to use and can add automations based on the invoice details too.

This is quite a new feature and more enhancements continue to be released regularly.

WebChat Widget

Want to allow people viewing your website to request a contact easily?

The HighLevel WebChat Widget is super easy to install and just sits in the corner of your website making it super simple for people to request a call or ask a question.

The easier you make it for people to get in touch, the more likely they are to do so!

Marketing Software at an affordable price

Now getting all these features with multiple programs would cost you hundreds of dollars per month which can be difficult to justify when you are a small business.

The amazing thing about HighLevel is that it’s an all-in-one platform and they allow agencies like Kickass Marketing to provide the service to an unlimited number of clients from an agency level.

I’m able to offer you a FREE 14 Day trial to see if you like HighLevel.

Because I’m so passionate about helping small businesses to grow, once your 14 day trial is up, I am offering a limited time deal of AU$100 per month.  That’s no lock in contracts or crazy price hikes down the track – just AU$100 per month for a system that can generate, nurture and convert leads for your business while you sleep!


When I was looking around for a marketing software to use in my own business and to be able to recommend to clients, I was overwhelmed with the options.  They all sound so good and you hear such amazing things but the one thing that really stood out to me was that there was nothing that did EVERYTHING I wanted it to do.  They all required you to pay monthly subscriptions for multiple different programs that didn’t necessarily talk to each other!

Then I found HighLevel.

I’m not saying it’s perfect for your business, but it does suit a huge range of businesses and incorporates so many features that it’s worth checking out.

HighLevel, when done right, will save you a heap of time and money as well as helping you to generate more money within your business.

If you’d like to work out if HighLevel is for you, book a FREE 15 minute chat with me and I’ll give you some honest advice.

Ready to jump in with a FREE 14 day trial of HighLevel?  Sign up here.


Happy Marketing!