Copywriting is important because when done right, it will attract your target audience, draw them in and convert them to high-value customers.  Here’s a bit more detail about why copywriting is important for your business.

Stop them Scrolling

In the age of social media, humans have become adept at assessing whether something is of interest to them extremely quickly.  When using social media platforms to market your business, the image will be what captures attention first but it’s the copy (the words you use) that determines whether you will keep that attention and get the desired outcome.  That’s why copywriting is so important on social media.  If your copy doesn’t talk directly to your target audience’s pain points, odds are, they will continue to scroll rather than click through to buy whatever it is that you are offering.

Know, Like and Trust

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that people spend money with businesses/people that they know, like and trust.  So why is copywriting important when building trust with potential customers?  Good copywriting will portray your brand’s voice. 

Know Like and Trust

Have you ever met someone for the first time and felt like they totally got you within the first 5 minutes of knowing you?  That’s what great copy will do for your business.

Imagine a personal trainer that wants to deal exclusively with mothers aged 30 to 45 years.  Now think of another personal trainer that wants to deal exclusively with young men aged 16 to 25 years.  Can you see how different the language would be to speak to each of these target audiences?

When you get very specific with your language, your target audience will feel like you know them better than they know themselves and will be more inclined to spend money with you.

Value Adding

In this google-driven era, there are 4 basic categories that every search comes down to:

  1. Informational – to find out something
  2. Transactional – to buy something
  3. Navigational – to locate a specific website
  4. Commercial – to compare products
Why copywriting is important value add


Knowing which of these intents your target audience is likely to have should be factored into your copywriting and content writing.

A lot of your website copy will likely be dedicated to informational or commercial intent.  In particular, informational intent is where you are able to add the most value for potential clients.  Answering their questions in their language (using words they use and pain points they have) will increase your credibility and gain their trust.

Get them across the line

You can get millions of people to your website and have the most beautiful website in the world but if the copy on the website doesn’t speak to your website visitors then it’s never going to result in sales.  This is another reason why copywriting is so important.

Why copywriting is important Get them across the line

At the risk of being blunt, potential customers don’t give two hoots about what you want or why you are the best at what you do.  They want to know how you can solve their problems and how they will feel when you do.

Great copy will not only engage potential customers, it will get them across the line to become actual customers who spend actual money with you.

Keep it simple, stupid

Ever been on a website that waffles on and on?  Of course you have!  And what did you do?  Most likely, you went to another website or just skimmed through what was there in search of what you were really looking for.

Unfortunately, business owners who aren’t copywriters, often use 2 or 3 times as many words as they need.  They also bore the pants off their target audience in the process.

Great copywriting can explain detailed or complex ideas simply and in plain language.  This makes the user experience much more enjoyable which only adds to how much that user likes your business.

Keep the google bots happy

Research shows that very few people will go on to page 2 of a google search when looking for answers.  That means getting your business on the first page of search results is imperative if you want to get found.  Copywriting is a very important part of making the google bots happy, so they put you where you want to be.

Keep the google bots happy

Some of the influencing factors in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) are:

  • Keywords or phrases
  • Sentence length
  • Ease of reading
  • Headings
  • Paragraph Length
  • Links
  • Structure

Copywriting can affect all of these things!


If you’ve been thinking about writing your own copy, you may find there’s more to it than meets the eye if you want it to be effective.  If you’ve decided that it might be better for someone else to write your copy then get in touch with us for a no-obligation chat.