As cliché as it sounds, now more than ever, blogs are a vital part of a good long-term marketing strategy.  But why?  Here are 3 reasons to consider…

Get Known, Liked and Trusted

You can tell everyone you are an expert in your field at every opportunity you get however, every person with a social media page is doing the same. 

How do your customers/clients get to know, like and trust you in a world of self-proclaimed experts?

The answer is simple.  Show them.  Give them valuable content that helps them solve their pain points.  Highlight your areas of strength and what sets you apart from the rest.  Show the results you can deliver through case studies.

Blogging is the perfect way to give prospective customers an insight into you, your business and how you can help them.  Before you know it, they will know, like and trust you for the expert you are!

Own your digital real estate with blogs

Building a following on your social media accounts is great and should definitely be part of your marketing strategy however, the platforms you use ultimately belong to someone else.  That means that your account can be suspended, censored or deleted at any time.  The one piece of online real estate that truly belongs to you is your website.

A blog is a solid foundation piece of content that lives on your website and can be repurposed to produce 15 or more pieces of smaller content suitable for social media and other channels.  By utilising these smaller pieces of content, you can lead people to your website.  Assuming you have a great website focused on the user experience with great converting copy, you will be able to convert those prospects into leads.

So, creating a blog will also save you time creating content for your other marketing channels and help drive traffic to the one channel you have complete control over.

Double Your Website Leads with Blogs

Regular blogging can work wonders for your google rankings or your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Without getting too technical, google bots (that help decide where you will rank on a search) like it when you are regularly updating your website.  Adding a blog on a regular basis is part of this. 

Blogs also allow you to focus in on the key words and phrases that your potential customers are using to try and find solutions to their problems.  By providing valuable content around the problems they are trying to solve, you can get them to your website and start allowing them to know, like and trust you.

There are a number of other reasons why Blogging should be part of your marketing strategy but these 3 are the ones I find resonate with business owners the most.

No matter the business, no matter the stage you are at, blogs can be incredibly beneficial so what are you waiting for?

Happy Blogging!

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